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Giant who followed a giant

Wtorek, 12 lutego 2013 (15:54)

Aktualizacja: Poniedziałek, 8 lipca 2013 (11:28)

Cardinal Stanisław Nagy

For the Catholic Church, Holy Father Benedict XVI’s resignation is a truly significant event. Something really important must have happened to make Pope decide that way. In the history of Church, Pope’s abdication has taken place extremely rarely.

Let’s have a look at what Benedict XVI has achieved during his pontificate. First of all, very well aware of his own strength and possibilities, he took over the office from John Paul II.  Today, we can say a giant replaced a giant. It is proved both by his theological work and pastoral service. He has demonstrated to be able to face difficult problems of the contemporary world. He has taken up his work and completed it the best he could. In my mind, no other person would fight off the attacks on Church more efficiently and bravely than Benedict XVI has.

Today, many of us ask what is going to happen next. God only knows what that will be. We can only pray for someone ready to undertake the job of leading the Church and for his success. Let’s all of us pray for the Church and for the cardinals, who will soon gather at a conclave to elect another successor of Saint Peter.