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He has never evaded service

Wtorek, 12 lutego 2013 (17:56)

Aktualizacja: Poniedziałek, 8 lipca 2013 (11:28)

Interviewing His Excellency Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki, the Metropolitan of Lviv Archdiocese of the Latin rite, a longtime secretary of Blessed John Paul II and Benedict XVI


How did Your Excellency greet the news of Holy Father Benedict XVI’s abdication?

- It is a big surprise for me, especially that as a second secretary of Pope John Paul II, I could observe Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and witness the great responsibility which accompanied his work as a Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He loved the Church. All matters concerning the Church were close and important to him.

He accepted the role of Peter of our times with great responsibility and has led the Church the best he could.

…which was true and proved by many apostolic travels and Pope’s words.

– In his statements, Holy Father has always referred to the current situation. He accurately pointed out the problems of the Church and the world. Through his apostolic visits, he has strived to be present in various places, on various continents. He has never evaded service, but at the same time he has thought that holding any office requires strength proportional to this office’s importance. I think that Holy Father decided to step down because of his poor health, but I trust that he will remain to  serve the Church with his wisdom, experience and prayer.


We all witnessed John Paul II’s deteriorating, we all accompanied him in his dying, it all came very natural. It is much more difficult to face the situation where Benedict XVI resigns himself…

– John Paul II left us slowly, and his disease gradually prepared the world to his physical weakness. The whole world was asking John Paul II to stay and supporting him in his illness. We very well know that at that time there was discussion going on whether Pope John Paul II should resign. However, John Paul II knew that the weaker physically he was becoming, the closer people gathered around him. This made him certain that his decision to remain in office was right.


Thank you for the interview.

Małgorzata Bochenek