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Poland has been in his heart

Wtorek, 12 lutego 2013 (18:09)

Aktualizacja: Wtorek, 12 lutego 2013 (19:12)

Polish bishops have called to greet Beneditct XVI’s resignation in the atmosphere of faith. – “This Pope has proved to be an outstanding, unusual man„, said Archbishop Józef Michalik.

“Poland has been present in his heart and in his interests. In his mind, the Polish Church has a specific mission to fulfill”, said the President of The Polish Bishops’ Conference. He stressed that Holy Father Benedict XVI is an outstanding theologian, a man of deep culture, “able to establish close contact with contemporary intellectual trends„. According to what Archbishop Michalik declared, “not only has the Pope repeatedly established dialogue, but made reflection-provoking diagnoses, let alone his observation of the dictatorship of relativism in the contemporary world, his strong opinions on non-negotiable values, on the defense of human life, parents’ right to bring up their children, as well as on family and marriage. “In a sense, the Pope has set an example how one could and should perceive one’s mission in Church”, said Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz during the briefing held yesterday at the Polish Bishops’ Conference office, after Archbishop Celestino Migiliore, apostolic nuncio for Poland, read the Pope’s statement. “It has been an important pontificate, opening new horizons for the Catholic Church„, Archbishop Migiliore said. He declared though that for him personally, the Pope’s decision was not unexpected. He added that Benedict XVI has confirmed that Pope remains a great moral authority for the world.

The Warsaw Metropolitan stressed the significance and symbolism of Benedict XVI’s pontificate which directly followed the pontificate of Blessed John Paul II. Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz called the media to respect the Holy Father’s decision and focus on its spiritual, ecclesial dimension. “The Pope keeps his function until the end. He does not seize to be the Holy Father. Only death can discharge him from his office”, declared the Warsaw Metropolitan. Finally, he summoned followers to prayer for the further Benedict XVI’s service for the Holy See and to thanking God for his leadership.

Agnieszka Gracz